Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

What You Can Expect with a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

  • A health risk assessment to help create a personalized prevention plan to keep you healthy
  • Review of your medical and family history
  • Height, weight, blood pressure check
  • Development of a health screening schedule/checklist
  • Advance care planning
  • Review of your medications and other health care providers
  • Screening for cognitive impairment, like dementia
  • Balance testing
  • Fall risk prevention
  • Hearing tests

What's the difference between an annual physical and wellness visit?

Physical exams require a physical exam appointment and are a review of vitals and current medication, as well as family and personal history review.

Annual wellness visits are a free benefit for Medicare patients. They are an interview style appointment with a personalized prevention plan that includes a review of vitals and current medications.

These wellness visits play an important role in maintaining or improving your health.

Wellness Specialist

Our Wellness Specialist for the Alpharetta and Cumming locations can be reached at 770-475-2377 ext. 2050 to schedule Medicare annual wellness visit appointments or if you have any questions.

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